How Does the Noonum Platform Help Institutional Investors Maximize Financial Performance?

Noonum operates at the intersection of technology, investing, and data which allows for more informed decisions than using data alone. We help investors anticipate and interpret intangible assets which help generate significant cash flows for little investment.

How Noonum's Platform Creates a Competitive Advantage?

Streamline the Research Process

Noonum's platform will sort through millions of data points in just seconds and provide the most relevant data to help you make more informed decisions. Spend more time being strategic and driving value and less time doing searches.

AI Driven

Powered by artificial intelligence, Noonum's intuitive platform will deliver information about emerging issues impacting the market and provide access to high-quality content you wouldn't have otherwise.

Leveraging Unstructured Data

Alternative data can provide a deeper understanding of investment signals and better decision-making.

Noonum's Market Knowledge Graph Can Help

  • Uncover hidden companies benefiting from various investment themes and accelerate the research process
  • Help you discover unforeseen reasons why an investment thesis may not work out as intended
  • Expand your research capabilities and build new portfolios
  • Quickly let you explore thematic allocations, explore the relationships of your holdings with competitors, and search for holdings with new exposure