Deeper and More Accurate Research
on a Single Platform

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Noonum helps investors accelerate their research process and unlock hidden information that helps them make more informed business decisions. In Sanskrit, noonum means "for the future".

Using Artificial Intelligence to Build a Better Portfolio

Investment Insights

Noonum's leveraging big data, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing (NLP) all on one platform to unlock hidden information. This instantly provides investors relevant data after searching millions of data points in just seconds.

Relationship Analysis

Noonum's proprietary technology provides network analysis by drawing relationships among companies, their value-chain, customer demand, competitive pressures, among other factors that help predict future market performance.

Intangible Assets

Investors need to consider intangibles to build a meaningful company valuation. Noonum's patent-pending inferencing system helps investors leverage market-relevant themes including COVID-19 vaccines, sustainability, and telecommuting.

Why Noonum?

Make Better Decisions, Faster

Our intuitive interface allows investors to maximize their resources and take the productivity of their team to new heights through Noonum's platform.

Discover Hidden Patterns and Form Relationships

The power of Noonum's Ambient Intelligence allows investors to create a real-time knowledge graph of companies, people, places, products, and trends. By connecting the dots across disparate sources of information better investment decisions are made.

Helping Investors Establish an Edge

Leveraging AI, NLP, and Big Data technologies to make connections and extract alpha from unstructured data.