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Noonum empowers investors to accelerate their research process and unlock hidden information which helps them make more informed business decisions. By leveraging big data, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing (NLP) all on one platform, Noonum can anticipate and interpret the trends driving markets and how they impact an investment.

Our mission is defined in our name which means "for the future," as we help investors future-proof their investments by aligning to their social values and beliefs.

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Case Study: Asset Manager Significantly Accelerates Their Research Process

What is the problem you're looking to solve?

In a thematic portfolio, it can be tough to monitor and understand the wealth of emerging topics across current and potential holdings. It is also challenging to identify what is impacting my portfolio that I'm not even aware of. Noonum monitors these thesis themed trends and does a good job calling out these emerging topics.

How did Noonum help solve that problem?

Noonum quickly let us explore current thematic allocations, search the relationships of our holdings with competitors, and also for holdings with new exposure. Noonum's platform provides a holistic view of your portfolio and helps identify what is missing from ambient intel. From the relationships page, it's easy to understand the companies that should be part of their story and do a search on them to learn more. Through this process of adding/removing companies in their holdings, we can better increase/decrease focus on specific themes in their portfolio and get new exposure metrics.

What was the result? In other words, how did Noonum benefit you?

Noonum is our resident thematic expert analyst that sits in the cloud helping us effectively scale the research process by providing the engine to more rapidly perform the first level of fundamental research. We were able to rapidly create a deeper understanding of our portfolio of 50 names in one evening and are now looking to leverage Noonum's thematic exposures as a differentiated variable to source ideas.

Case Study: Investment Adviser Uncovers Hidden Companies Benefiting From Investment Themes

What is the problem you're looking to solve?

We know which macro-trends we want to be invested in, but searching through all of the companies that yield exposure to them is a massive task. Filtering through available stocks using traditional research methods inevitably means opportunities will be missed. Our research has thus historically focused on the most obvious stocks to play on various macro-economic themes.

For example, at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, we knew that demand for web traffic infrastructure and content delivery networks would likely increase. But due to limited resources, our coverage of the space was small in scope and focused on only the largest players -- most of which are big tech companies that derive only a small amount of revenue from it.

How did Noonum help solve that problem?

Noonum has helped uncover hidden companies benefiting from various investment themes and greatly accelerated the research process. Additionally, Noonum has helped our firm gain a greater understanding of the competitive landscape in various industries and discover reasons an investment thesis may not work out as intended.

What was the result? In other words, how did Noonum benefit you?

It's an ongoing process, but we have been able to expand our research on individual companies and have built new portfolios that we use to track our investment theses.

In our previously mentioned use case, our coverage of web infrastructure and content delivery networks were able to greatly expand using Noonum. We discovered new stocks and built a large portfolio of companies with exposure to that theme, and used Noonum to accelerate our research into the trend.

Nicholas Rossolillo
President/Investment Adviser
Concinnus Financial
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Noonum is a very exciting platform with the potential to revolutionize the way professional and retail investors approach investing. The factor attribution brings a level of clarity and understanding of macro and micro drivers of stock performance that was not possible before machine learning, and the forecasting function, which allows for the synthesis of machine learning and gut intuition, is very powerful. Noonum will be an important contribution to investment community!

researched 75 companies in a single evening

What ultimately drew me to your software … is the pick and shovel play … when i think about the future of mobility, investors want to figure out - do i want to buy tesla or do i want to buy the guys that supply them with batteries or wheels or the software or the computing power - those are the first derivatives

…discovered a gem in 5G space…

Noonum is attractive because it automatically digests so much that I can’t do myself

…the anomalous mentions email now specifies what is driving the result; that’s fantastic! I like having the ability to glance at the anomaly, decide whether it is relevant to me, and head over to Noonum if so.