Thematic Custom Indexing

Investment Objective

Identify relevant themes for your investment thesis using a knowledge graph to refine and finalize your strategy.

Asset Discovery & Allocation

Explore companies from various sectors, industries, regions, and other factors to gain a comprehensive understanding across classification boundaries.


Create defensible strategies by conducting back-tests using historical point-in-time data.

Portfolio Intelligence & Direct Indexing


Compute risk and performance attribution metrics.


Track progress towards UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and other frameworks.


Adjust or tilt indexes to achieve desired results.

Funds & Index Marketing

What’s your story?

Craft a relatable narrative that helps customers easily understand their investment.

Stand Out with Your Product

Gain a competitive edge by tracking your product portfolio and monitoring your competitors using Noonum's innovative intelligence.

Establish Trust & Confidence

Meet the expectations of your clients and customers by aligning their investments with their desired objectives and outcomes.

Our Enterprise Solutions

Web App

A user-friendly interface for effective strategy composition.

Data Feeds

Historical point-in-time data time-series for back-testing purposes.


Integrate our API into your enterprise workflows.