Investment Decisions
for Tomorrow's World

Delivering actionable insights about companies, themes, and strategies through artificial intelligence and knowledge graph technology

The Opportunity

Investment decisions need not be based on search and text mining of static keywords any longer. Now, it's about discovering answers to your questions such as​:

  • Who is solving climate change?​
  • What companies have made sustainability a core strategy?​
  • What network of companies does my Carbon Finance portfolio depend upon?​
  • Who is setup to find vaccines for COVID-19 crisis now and the next one in the future?

It’s about themes and strategies of companies. It’s about knowing what you don’t know. It’s about the future. It’s Noonum.

Noonum is derived from the Sanskrit word नूनम् meaning "for the future"

Why Noonum

Powerful & Simple

Noonum gives you the power akin to having a domain expert on board who can read language and understand deeper meaning than just a keyword. ​

Total Coverage

Noonum covers themes and strategies for companies across market capitalization.

Transparency in Real-time​​

Noonum offers evidence and real-time updates for company exposures across relevant news and corporate documents. No more black boxes. No more undecipherable and static scores.​

Noonum's Advantage


Answer your questions by ​discovering and tracking prominent themes for strategies, companies & portfolios. Flexible and topical themes include clinical trials and telecommuting.


Leverage market relevant ESG themes including sustainability, carbon neutrality, UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN Global Compact Principles.​

Network Effects

Benefit from inferences across ambient and hidden relationships, the network effects, amongst companies.​

Use Cases

Asset Managers Product Creators Asset Allocators
Build thematic portfolios/indices or add specific themes or strategies to your portfolios. For Portfolio & hedge fund managers and analysts to build and monitor theme and strategy-based portfolios. For index creators to build and monitor thematic indices.
For PMs to do direct indexing with theme tilts.
Monitor themes. Monitor thematic exposure of individual companies and portfolios. Monitor real-time. For RIAs, Wealth Advisors, and Asset Allocators to do manager research and monitor portfolios.
Research managers for alignment to your investment thesis.

Access Noonum

Web Application

Our intuitive interface allows you to easily understand the market landscape and your portfolios.​

Data Feed

Integrate Noonum into your platform. Noonum data feeds provide you with quantitative scores on company exposure to themes.

Enterprise Data

Utilize your internal data to its full potential and take the productivity of your team to new heights through Noonum’s data integrations.​​

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About Noonum

Noonum leverages big data, AI, and NLP for discovering and monitoring themes and portfolios through its patent-pending and continually evolving knowledge-graph built by analyzing billions of data points from millions of sources such as SEC filings, earnings calls, press releases, patents, real-time news and social media. Contact us to experience the power of Noonum.

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