AI Copilot for Portfolio & Index Construction

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models (LLMs), Noonum helps investors build and manage portfolios and indexes for themes, trends, or any English language concept.

The future of investing is here

Investment Insights

Noonum’s AI engine leverages Language and Knowledge Models to help create flexible and defensible strategies centered around themes and concepts.

Power of the Graph

Noonum is powered by a knowledge graph that draws relationships among global companies, their supply-chain, products, people, places, and themes. The graph brings accuracy and diversification to portfolios.

Actionable Insights

Noonum quantifies language from various unstructured data sources to provide metrics and signals.

Why Noonum?

Portfolio & Index Construction on Steroids

Super charge your construction process by harnessing the power of language to implement innovative strategies.

Thematic X-Ray

Leverage LLMs to analyze and adjust your portfolio's composition, risks, and rewards in order to achieve desired outcomes.

Hidden Patterns

Unleash the potential of Noonum's ambient intelligence to discover indirect and hidden connections between companies, their value chains, and vulnerabilities.