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Uncovering unique insights into companies, industries, and macroeconomics through artificial intelligence and natural language processing

Noonum harnesses the power of machine learning, and natural language processing to help you spend less time sifting through terminals and reports, and more time focusing on your investments:

Graph Powered

Our analysis utilizes a powerful graph database which is continually updated by our machine learning engines from primary sources of numerical and text data.

Elegant Analysis

Our intuitive interface allows you to easily understand the market landscape through powerful visualizations and without any confusing and extraneous tables.

Faster Decisions

We simplify complex analytics by processing 200,000 documents and time series variables per day, reducing hours of research to seconds!


Are you overwhelmed by an enormous inflow of daily news? Noonum helps you focus solely on what matters most. Noonum provides insights on companies, people, products, and places that are mentioned across more than 200 global sources.

Noonum gives you an advantage over traditional news providers by providing ambient and hidden intelligence on companies that could be affected by the news. Noonum also identifies concepts in the news, which are semantic groupings of terms and trends (Autonomous Vehicles, Gene Therapy, ESG). Follow the news you care about and get personalized notifications on concepts, companies, locations, or any combination thereof.


Concepts are the easiest way to follow growth trends and execute on your investment thesis. Concepts are a semantic grouping of similar terms, trends, and keywords which allows you to identify companies that have exposure to a specific topic.

Noonum intelligently examines company filings, earnings transcripts and news to provide you with a list companies that are associated with your searched concept including a relative strength score for sorting. Along with your searched concept semantically related terms are also displayed, for instance “Bread” to “Sourdough.” Track your favorite concepts and related companies in a watchlist and receive personalized notifications.

Value Chain

Understanding the ecosystem around a company is crucial to evaluating its long-term viability and growth prospects. Noonum machines do the heavy lifting by automatically discovering and contextualizing company relationships in our semantic knowledge graph.

Entities included in the graph are the suppliers, customers, partners, competitors, and legal opponents for any publicly listed company and a limited set of private companies and government organizations. We always provide evidence and the ability to view the snippet of text from SEC filings or Earnings Transcripts that helped our machines determine that relationship.


Does your company have research or newsletters, either purchased or produced that aren’t being utilized to their full potential? Would you like to extract entities from your documents such as companies, people, places, products, keywords, and concepts? Would you like to uncover ambient intelligence from your text on affected entities that are not mentioned?

Our specially trained Natural Language Processing Engine will evaluate your documents and recognize entities and their relationships. In addition to the sentiment on your text, Noonum offers nuanced insights from trends on the entities and concepts mentioned in your text. Combine your text insights with that of Noonum’s knowledge graph generated from company filings, earnings transcripts, news and social media.

Take the productivity of your team to new heights through Noonum’s Bring Your Own Data.

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Noonum is derived from the Sanskrit word नूनम् meaning "For the future"

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